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Our fully equipped photo studio available on rent in Gurgaon
with all professional photography equipment for....

  1. Automatic Background System with Savage White, Black, Gray colors

  2. Manual Background Stands for fabrics

  3. Fabric Background Colors (Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Light Green,Yellow, Orange, Maroon, Dark Blue, Black, White, Red Pattern, Black Pattern)

  4. 4 Elinchrom 400 FRX with Trigger

  5. 2 Godox SK400II with Trigger

  6. 5 Simpex Backup Studio Lights with Trigger

  7. Harrison Argos Sparkle Led Light Mark III 

  8. Boom Light/camera Stand?

  9. Mount for Camera for Top Shots

  10. Reflectors

  11. Umbrellas

  12. Beauty Dish

  13. Octa Softbox, Square Softbox

  14. Honeycomb Grid with Doors

  15. Elinchrom Snoot with Grid

  16. Snoot

  17. On Camera Ring Flash / Ring Led

  18. Flashes Canon 580 EX / 270 EX

  19. Godox Flashes (Sony Mount)

  20. Flashes Simpex 522

  21. Canon Mount Macro Extensions

  22. Camera Remotes

  23. Macro Rail

  24. Light Stands?

  25. Heavy & Light Weight Tripod?

  26. Turntable for Very Light Products

  27. Photo Tents upto 40 Cms Products?

  28. White Acrylic Sheets

  29. Thermocol Sheets

  30. White Chart Paper with tape

  31. Leather Backgrounds for Small Product Shots 

  1. Fog Machine

  2. Disco RGB Lights (Led Par)

  3. ​Computer with various printers

  4. Peaceful Location

  5. Work Tables

  6. Free Wifi

  7. Photo Printing Facility 

  8. Full Power Backup

  9. Air Conditioners

  10. Clean Washroom and Green Area

  11. Waiting Area

  12. Tea Coffee

  13. ​Microwave Oven

  14. ​Refrigerator

  15. ​Steam Iron with Board

  16. Music System

  17. Gas Stove / Induction also available for Food Shots

  1. Simpex Bi-Color SL-288A Soft Light (2 Pieces)

  2. Simpex Bi-Color Professional 700 Led Lights (3 Pieces)

  3. 2 Godox SL60 White Constant Lights

  4. Harrison Argos Sparkle Led Light Mark III

  5. LG TV to be used as monitor

  6. TASCAM TM-2X - X-Y Pattern Stereo Cardioid Microphone

  7. Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone

  8. Popular PMC-900C Instrument Microphone

  9. Mic Boom

  10. Simpex Professional Video Tripod 

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